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Hey! I’m Kara! And I live for the ordinary moments that make an extraordinary life! I’ve been a stay at home mom and a working mom. Let me tell you, both are equally as challenging! I married my best friend (Josh) back in 2013 and we have created a beautiful life together. We live in Florida with our two beautiful daughters Lyric and Ivy. And oh my goodness you’re going to love them!

I love to share everyday life mixed with a little style, home decor here or there and definitely motherhood. After all motherhood is what I’m good at. I mean I’m not a professional but as long as my babies feel loved at the end of the night I’ve done my job!

Here I hope you find inspiration for your style and life. I hope this space will put a smile on your face and bring joy to your heart. Most of all I hope to help you see just how spectacular the ordinary can be! I’m so glad we found our way onto your screen! Wanna do life together?!? Great! Let’s do it!

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