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The Best and Worst Marriage Advice I Ever Received

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you are enjoying time with your loved ones! Thank you to all who have paid the price for our freedom! The ones who laid their lives down so we can live. We are truly grateful! I know this weekend is to remember those who have fallen but we are so thankful for all those who are currently serving too! You are our hero!

I thought I would share some marriage advice! Not just the best but also the worst! Josh and I have been married for 8 and a half years. Just saying that blows my mind! It feels like just yesterday! I guess it's true what they say time flies when you're having fun!

Marriage takes work and it's not always easy, but it's the most rewarding if you are willing to work at it. So here is the best and worst marriage advice I ever received.

The Best Marriage Advice We Ever Received:

You're on the same team: Remember when you are having those heated arguments that it's not you vs. him that ultimately you are on one team. At the end of the day that you both really do want what's best for each other.

Communication is key: The faster you learn this one the easier it will be. At the beginning of our marriage, I would bottle every little thing up and wouldn't tell him when something was bothering me until I would just explode and those small things would turn into a giant argument. If I had just communicated right away the things bothering me we would have avoided those arguments. Having an open line of communication really did change our marriage. Sometimes your spouse doesn't want you to figure out a solution they just need you to listen.

Don't use the words ALWAYS or NEVER: Don't use words like always and never. Your spouse is probably doing their best to fix the issues and when we use words like always and never we are saying we see no change in them and that creates tension and contempt. Give grace because I'm sure they are doing their best.

Never stop dating: Now I'm not going to sit here and say we do date night every week, although I would love to, our schedules just don't line up right now. However, it doesn't have to be extravagant. Find time to spend with each other just the two of you. For example, right now Josh and I work opposite schedules so I wait up for him every night and we spend quality time together just the two of us because the kids are in bed. When we can we go out just the two of us but my point is to set aside time to connect.

The Worst Marriage Advice We Ever Received:

Never go to bed angry: I understand where this came from but sometimes we have to wait until morning to figure it out because otherwise we just keep going in circles and it turns into a bigger problem. When we cool off and come back together we are normally more rational and remember we are on the same team fighting for each other and not against each other. This has worked for us and I know some won't agree and that's okay!

Marriage has to be 50/50: This is far from the truth. We are human we can't always carry our weight. I hope on the days I can give 20% he will pick up the 80% and on the days He only has 30% I'm happy to carry the 70%! This goes back to giving grace when it is needed. We can't always perform our best because we are going to have bad days. That's the whole point of marriage! We are here to support one another and lift each other up on the bad days.

It's Not Cheating to Window Shop: This is advice my husband received and said was the worst advice he has ever heard. Who gives this advice?? When you open these doors you are asking for trouble. For us to look is to say to our spouse sorry you weren't good enough so I had to go elsewhere. Never make your spouse feel less than or second best.

Remember what works for someone else won't always work for you. These are my own opinions. Tell me what the best and worst marriage advice you ever received was in the chat below. I hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy time with your loved ones.

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