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An Open Letter to New Moms

Motherhood, what would be my best advice? As a mother of two, I’ve thought long and hard about what I would say to a new mom. What would be my best advice? Would I be honest? Would I be vulnerable? Here’s my open letter.

Motherhood is the most beautiful journey you can ever take, while also being the hardest. You may be sitting in that hospital room or maybe you are home in your bedroom just wondering what is going on?!? Why am I so emotional? I don’t know what this tiny human needs! I promise you everything is going to be ok! You can do this mama.

Take a deep breath. Everything you are experiencing is part of the process. Your

body will heal, and your emotions will balance. That small babe is worth it all.

Watching them grow will be the most amazing thing. There is nothing like that first smile, first giggle or the first time they wrap their little fingers around yours. Your heart has never known a love quite as sweet.

Being a mom is hard and it takes work. I felt so lost when I became a mom. I remember standing in my room, in the middle of the night, sobbing feeling like a failure because I didn’t know what my small daughter needed. I felt so alone even though my husband was right there. I remember feeling like my life was over. That I would never get a moment to myself again. Even after my second child, I still felt lost. How was I supposed to love another kid the way I did the first?

I promise when you make it through the first few weeks everything will adjust, and your mom instincts will kick in. Babies give so much grace, give yourself some grace and your love will cover the rest. You may not be perfect, but YOU are the PERFECT mom for your baby!

In the weeks, months, and years to come you will go on the most beautiful journey. You will watch your child grow and find their personality. You will watch them crawl, walk, laugh, talk, dance and so much more. You will form a bond like no other.

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY! Congratulation mama! I am so proud of you! Snuggle that baby tight. I know everyone says it, but they grow up so fast. There is nothing like knowing you are their whole world and they are yours. You’ve got this mama and I am cheering you on!



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