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3 Ways to Style a Flannel Shirt

Flannels!! My obsession! I would wager the majority of us own at least one. The flannel I’m wearing today is one of my favorites. It’s so soft and long enough in the back to wear with leggings. Best of all, Drum roll, IT HAS POCKETS!! That’s right! This shirt has pockets! So here are 3 ways to style all those flannels in your closet.

Flannels always make great layering pieces. Whether it’s with legging, jeans, or dresses. Here I pair it with jeans, a band tee, and sandals.

Let’s take it back y’all! I love that we are tying these around our waste again! This look is so fun! I paired it with leggings, a tank, and sneakers.

This look is classic. You can dress it up or down depending on the shoes you pair. I styled it with jeans and sandals! Have fun with your flannels and change it up!

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